Sonia Sarkali Psychic

Healer, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Teacher 

Workshops Spiritual Counselling

Sonia has a PHD in Afro American Religions, having spent a considerable time in South America. She runs Spiritual Counselling Groups, Goddess Healing for Individuals, couples and groups and creative spiritual workshops

Tarot Readings

Using a unique set of Spanish Tarot Cards inherited from her Grandmother. Sonia works with your energy to find the best way forward for you. She then gives you a clear plan by interpreting what the cards are telling you.

Mediumship and Healing

By channeling higher energies Sonia works with her guides to bring you a unique healing experience. Sonia holds your hands and reads your energy and senses where your energy field needs strengthening. She does not believe in forcing mediumship and will only work in a natural and flowing way in this area.

Psychic Healing through the arts of Tarot,mediumship & Goddess workshops.