The Sarkali Method - Integrated Psychic Healing

(A combination of Reiki, Aura Balance and Meditation -  2 hrs only £80.00)

The session will begin with Sonia attuning herself to your energy and asking a series of significant questions in order to locate any issues or lack of resonance that needs her attention. This is a secular and non-religious package that is suitable for all people whatever their religious persuasion or equally if they follow no specific path.

Goddess Healing Session - Integrated Psychic Healing

A combination of Reiki, Aura Balance and Deity Specific Meditation - 2 hrs  £80.00

The session takes the form of the Sarkali Method of integrated psychic healing mentioned above, but in this session the focus will be on aligning each client with the specific Goddess.  Through the process of healing and working together Sonia will reveal to you the Goddess who can offer you the greatest healing. This may be one specific Goddess, or the meditational practice of a few. As these sessions are intuitively led by Sonia, the outcome is arrived at by a process of healing, meditation and listening to and reading the client's energy.


2 hour sessions - only £80.00 

In this healing ceremony Sonia connects with Changing Woman, who is also known as the White Painted Woman in the Apache tradition. She is a shapeshifter goddess, who owns the changes of life, rites of passage and changes of the seasons. Sonia works with her in relation to the Earth element. The Goddess is associated with creating the corn, the main sustainable food in the Americas. Sonia invokes her when change is required, to become stronger in our bodies, minds and in our path of spiritual development. She’ll help us to adapt ourselves and create change in our own lives. After healing, cleansing and psychic exercises which open our third eye and support trust in our Higher Selves, clients meet her through guided meditation and ritual. 

Testimonials about Sonia´s Healing.

"I highly recommend Sonia. When I was diagnosed with cancer she did remote psychic healing and made a healing pouch to keep under my pillow. Knowing that Sonia was sending healing vibes made me calm at a traumatic time. After surgery through the NHS I am cancer free. I still keep the pouch under the pillow - I find it really soothing." 

Helen, Yorkshire.

Past Life Healing Regression

2 hours sessions - only £80.00

Folloqing an initial clearing and healing session, to ensure that the client is ready, Sonia will lead a guided meditation that enables clients to view their own past life experiences. The process is complex and individual, and Sonia has a series of strategies to help her clients access this deep self-knowledge of themselves. The benefits of this process are that they allow clients to look at where past life patterns have been carried forward into present incarnations. Some clients can find themselves blocked when viewing their own past lives which is where Sonia employs her psychic and healing abilities to assist the client in receiving a clear vision of who they were during the regression. Sonia has done many regressions with clients and her work has been documented and written about by eminent psychologist Dr Vicente Manuel Ortiz Oria in his Spanish Book 'Hipnosis Regressive'.

Time Travelling Healing and Meditation

​2 Hours Sessions Only £80.00

The Mayan concept of time is unlike the conventional linear Western concept of time. Having spent a very significant and revelatory portion of her life in South America, Sonia became aware of the huge potential for healing through viewing time in a non-linear way. This realisation in turn aligns itself philosophically to theories of timelessness in Buddhism, Egyptology and also in Quantum Physics. This insight is the foundation of The Sarkali Method of healing and to her psychic practice. The Time Traveling Healing Meditation works with a client's natural affinity towards certain eras, concepts of inter-planetary existence and the natural psychic attraction towards certain realms. This is a deep and powerful healing that is focused outside of linear time, working with and accessing the core source energy that people carry forward from one life to another.

Healer, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Teacher. Tel: 07473978037 

​​Sonia Sarkali Psychic

Terms & Conditions - Please note: Sonia will never discuss, specific medical outcomes, financial  and legal issues . All readings are provided on the basis that they are an entertainment ,as this is a requirement of UK Law. Sonia's policy is to guide  clients towards their own highest good and intelligence.

Healing Packages with Sonia Sarkali

The Goddess of The Oceans Yemanja - Original activated collage art work by Sonia Sarkali

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Attracting Love or Abundance Healing Sessions

2 Hours Sessions Only £80.00

Attracting Love Healing Sessions

This session focusses on healing and clearing energies first to get to the root of any blockage to receiving and accepting love. Sonia will do some exercises to heal the pain that is causing the most serious problems.

Sonia works with the inner child in these sessions challenging any blocks that are obscuring the ability to love and be loved. This is core work, pulling away layers of adult defences that inhibit the natural and holy capacity to be emotionally free.

Attracting Abundance Healing Sessions

Like the above Attracting Love meditation the Attracting Abundance clearing is a meditation and healing that goes to the heart of the matter. One cannot heal blocks to abundance without first seeking out and seeing the root of this inability to allow yourself to thrive.  

By working closely with Sonia and challenging the karmic patterns and deep- seated beliefs around money and worthiness you will open yourself up to a new sense of appreciation and joy in which to experience your new-found blessings.