Sonia Sarkali Psychic

Healer, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Teacher 

Wednesday 13th September - (7 week Course)  - ​Maximum of 7 people - 7.00-8.45 pm

Every Wednesday 

£12.00 Drop in fee. 

Know Yourself Through The Healing Power of Tarot and Psychic Awareness.

Courses -New Group starting in October.

In this 7 week course Sonia guides you through the magical and healing aspects of working with The Tarot archetypes and how their magical qualities can transform your life.

In this course you will learn the following:

  • How to use your intuition to align yourself with the energy of the cards
  • How to read a Tarot spread in a way that nurtures and guides your customers
  • Ethics and reading for your friends and members of the public
  • ​Evolve your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Energy shielding and crystal protection when using the cards
  • Using the Tarot as a healing methodology

This course is an opportunity to learn from an expert how to work with The Tarot. It is suitable for absolute beginners and for those practitioners who are seeking to deepen their understanding and scope as a healer.


Please note: I will never discuss, specific medical outcomes, financial issues and legal points . All readings are provided on the basis that they are an entertainment as this is a requirement of UK Law. My policy is to guide all clients towards their own highest intelligence.