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Terms & Conditions - Please note: I will never discuss, specific medical outcomes, financial issues and legal points . All readings are provided on the basis that they are an entertainment as this is a requirement of UK Law. My policy is to guide all clients towards their own highest good and intelligence.


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"Sonia has a loving warm persona and immediately identified how stressed I was. I'd arrived slightly late and was talking at 100 miles an hour. Perhaps this led to her assumption? However, she correctly identified that it would be impossible to work with me until she'd brought me down from the ceiling. After sitting down, she held both hands, the transference of calm energy has the desired effect. We followed this with some deep cleansing breaths. She kept hold of my hands for quite some time, which you would assume would be awkward, but it wasn't. While doing so she revealed some information regarding the problem I had come to get answers. This was followed up with a tarot card reading, where she went into more details about the said problem. Everything Sonia revealed was very accurate and I am especially interested to see if a four month prediction will come true"

Samantha Harman

'My Psychic Week' - The Latest 7 Magazine, Brighton 2016 

"The moment I met Sonia I was taken by her warmth and felt so comfortable in her company. The readings she did for me have always been astonishingly accurate, as though she understands all my innermost thoughts and recognises my subconscious feelings. Sonia gives herself totally to each question raised and I am always struck by her generosity and genuineness. I taped a reading and use it as a source of comfort when I feel uncertain. She can almost pin point dates and for me, her predictions have been really precise. Thank you lovely Sonia, I wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone. Xxx C."

"Hi Sonia, Thank you so much for the beautiful reading and healing I received from you. I feel much lighter and less stressed it seems that I finally let go of something very strong that was holding me back. I also had another reading with you 2 years ago which was 100% accurate and helped me to handle a difficult situation better. I can highly recommend booking a reading/healing with sonia I think she is very gifted with her clairvoyance and you will feel comfortable with her from the beginning. H."

"Sonia is surrounded by a very special aura. Her warm and loving persona feels like a wonderful embrace. As soon as I had entered the room, I could not help but looking into her eyes, that's how strong the connection felt, immediately. Sonia read my palms and also used her cards and she picked up on a lot of things that I was seeking answers for. I feel incredibly blessed that our paths have crosses and will certainly ask for her guidance again in the future." S.

“Sonia displayed warmth and love that flows to your energetic composure the moment eye contact is established and especially, when she holds your hands. Her purpose here is to guide and how she does not rush, she calmly allowed things to flow through a small chat, picking up energies then proceeding towards the tarot reading. Many times I found myself dumbfounded by her accuracy and the things she sensed. Being very gifted as she is, her tarot cards boosted her abilities further and gave very helpful insights on my situation. I came out of the room with a huge smile and knowing what I should do now.” A.K.

Mysteries Shop Brighton​ (Mondays and Sundays)

Sonia Sarkali works mainly from her home healing rooms, but is also  available for bookings at MYSTERIES SHOP in Brighton (Mondays and Sundays). Tel: 01723 690360

Sonia Sarkali works on Peeble Beech Shop in the Marina, Brighton. To book, call:  07594 229747. (only by bookings in advance)

Sonia Sarkali works on Fridays only from 12 to 3 pm at Diva Expresso Cafe Bar in Kemptown, Brighton.

Sonia Sarkali does Tarot Readings and Healing in Hove, at the Ayurveda Massage Centre, 211 Portland Road, Hove (only by bookings in advance). Above the Pelican on Portland Cafe from 11 to 3pm. Book in advance or pop in. Tel: 07473978037.

Sonia Sarkali had been working at Bell, Book & Candle Shop, Coccon Arts Healing Center in Brighton until september 2017.

Sonia Sarkali works online too.

Sonia Sarkali does parties, fairs, ceremonies, celebrations, charity events. 

She works from home (Coldean, Brighton) where she has her own spiritual temple. And she can go to do readings in your place too. Brighton and Hove, no travel expenses.

​Please contact for more details.

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