Healer, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Teacher 

Sonia Sarkali Psychic

Sonia Sarkali PhD- Biography

Sonia Sarkali PHD is a gifted Tarot Reader and Healer, she has worked in many different ways to help her clients and has a wealth of knowledge in many different areas.

  • She has been working with Spanish Folk Cards, Tarot and Mediumship for over 20 years
  • She was born into a family of Iberian folk healers and magic practitioners. Her  Grandmother was a well respected intuitive healer.
  • She has been reading peoples palms for over 20 years
  • Been Practicing Reiki for over 16 years and has evolved the 'Sarkali Method' which uses Reiki, Aura Balancing and Mediumship to clear past life and present life energetic blocks.
  • Expert in Mexican Shamanism
  • Has a PHD in AfroBrazilian Religions 
  • Practicing Past Life Regression Therapy and psychotherapy under Dr. Vincente Ortiz Oria who published a book documenting her regression work.
    • https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hipnosis-Regresiva-Spanish-Vicente-Manuel-ebook/dp/B01EFU8MVO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465751922&sr=8-1&keywords=hipnosis+regresiva
  • Is currently training as a Biodecoding therapist, looking at the deeper and familial reasons for ill health
  • Sonia also runs Goddess healing workshops for couples and individuals. These can take the form of weekly sessions or be completed as residential weekends (in the UK and in Spain) and as public talks
  • On a more light hearted note Sonia can also create a vintage tarot reading set up for parties, festivals and celebrations.

Sonia grew up in Spain and began seeing and feeling energies from a very early age. Her Mother and Grandmother where and are community elders and advisers, constantly supporting those in need with advice and help. This is the divine feminine lineage she was born into and where her sense 'Goddess Awareness' is deeply rooted. As a result she went to University and studied Social Anthropology, did a Masters in Latin American studies, followed by a PHD in Afro American Religions.

Having completed her studies, her heart and intuition was calling her towards a more actively spiritual life, which is when she began to learn and to practice healing and to reconnect with her innate inherited spirituality. Through deep meditation Sonia began to connect the Goddess cultures of South and North America with the meditative and traditional deities of Eastern culture and this is where her sense of the unity of Goddess culture became clear and her path as a healer was defined.

Please note: I will never discuss, specific medical outcomes, financial issues and legal points . All readings are provided on the basis that they are an entertainment as this is a requirement of UK Law. My policy is to guide all clients towards their own highest intelligence.